March 31, 2012

Turning Bloggers Into Entrepreneurs (1 - 6)

Your Blog - Your Organization:

Have you ever thought that your blog is not a mere online diary of yours but something more than it? It is your Empire; it is your organization. Just as in any company there are different departments and sections for handling different tasks; in the same manner you can think of your blog. As we have previously shared, we take this blog as our business organization. We make sure to plan each and everything, even the font sizes and the color schemes. MBT labis our Manufacturing department. Blogger widgets, plug-ins and tools are our products. Daily posts on MBT are output of our Research Department. Advertisements on MBT are handled by our Sales and Promotion department. Our readers are our customers and like every big organization we entertain their queries as well through comment section .As in business we need to develop every department, same is the case with blog or website. Revisit your blog and identify your departments.

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