April 1, 2012

Turning Bloggers into Entrepreneurs ( 2 - 6 )

Your Targets:

You must be thinking now why do you need to take this trouble? It is because every field and every department requires a different approach. You can’t think like an advertiser when you are writing an article. And you are supposed to think innovative when launching any of your products. At the same time, you should have a business mind when making deals for your ad-spots. You have to set your targets accordingly. Let’s have a sample target sheet:

  1. Number of posts per week:
  2. Number of widgets or any other specialty per month:
  3. Targeted number of daily visitors:
  4. Targeted number of monthly unique visitors:
  5. Targeted number of facebook likes in next 3 months:
  6. Targeted number of twitter followers in next 3 months:
  7. Targeted number of google recommendations per post:
  8. Targeted average number of comments per post:
  9. Targeted worth of ad-spot in the next six month:
  10. Targeted Alexa Rank and PageRank:

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